I want to share a little about the person behind the blog…Tami… me!

I’m sure ya’ll don’t really want to know about me, but you’re here so…

I’m really a boring person to be honest.

Nonetheless, enjoy a peek into me

I believe that all of life is predetermined- predestined…by The Almighty God, the creator of all…the most forgiving and compassionate…the ONLY ONE who could ever love you 70000 times more than your own mother!
I believe that every single breath we take is not ours by choice, but by design, and yes, everything happens for a reason.I am where I am today because of this predestination in my life- I am who I am today because of the good and the bad experiences that have been written in my destiny!


Just  few facts about me;

I don’t drink alcohol, go to parties or live ‘wild’ in anyway…

I prefer to stay in my home and do absolutely nothing…

I absolutely detest technology..

I use a dinosaur desktop computer with serial number 0001…

I have only a few really good friends who have stuck by my side and who without, I would be completely miserable…

I have an absolutely terrific family whom I adore!

I like swimming, camping, boating, tennis, volleyball, picnics outside…

I love horseback riding…

I am very happily married since 2006….my husband is still and will always be my dream…

I have been very unhappily married twice before…

I have a very strong faith in God but I am not Christian, simply because I refuse to believe that the bible is 100% accurate or that the creator needed a child for any reason. (i.e. I do believe that Jesus was sent from God, that his mother, Mary did have an immaculate conception, and that Jesus came to teach mankind both warnings from God and sent us ‘glad tidings’ from God… I believe that Jesus performed miracles by the power that the creator instilled within him. Did Jesus die on Calvary to save all people from their sins? I can not accept this for several reasons of which I chose not to discuss. It’s my personal belief and therefore, I agree to disagree… I do not debate and I do not force my personal beliefs on anyone.

In 1997, I suffered a traumatic event in my life that resulted in a 14 week coma and a complete life change for me….

I learn something new everyday…

I could not live without coffee!

If I had a time-machine that only went to the past I would meet with Adam and Eve!

Best year of my life was 1984 because great music and high school certainly was  best time of my life!

If I could ask my future self one question it would be Would you have changed anything?”

If my future self could ask me one question right now it would be “What were you thinking???”

If my past self could ask me one question right now it would be “What do we regret most of all”

My answer would be “We could’ve & should’ve done so much more! The biggest regret is wasting time

My favorite color is plum.

My favorite food is Mexican.

My favorite dessert is cheesecake.

My favorite movie is Scarface.

My favorite book (non-religious) is Stephen Kings’ “The Dark Half”

My favorite subject in college was World History.

The scariest thing I’ve ever done is  “Gas chamber- US Army Military Police Training 1993 D-795! FRIGHTENING!” I really have no fears, so that’s as close as I can get to the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

My favorite music is Yanni (piano) and Vanessa Mae (violin).

I met my husband in a religion chat room in 2002.

The accomplishment I am most proud of is finishing law school.

When I was a child I wanted to be a concert pianist when I grew up.(or first female president of the US!)

One day I’d like to meet Al Pacino

If I could visit any place in the world it would be Fiji!

I like snakes…

I hate spiders…

I am definitely not a city person. I am a country girl, a southern girl!

I was born in Orlando, Florida.

My first job was a waitress in Walt Disney World Tomorrowland Terrace..

I was an MP in the US Army

When I was in high school, I played the flute in the high school band and ran track and cross country.

My father has had the biggest influence on my life, so far.

My favorite number is 14, no reason why…

If I could be any animal, I would be a horse

I’ve eaten sushi, loved it. I’ve eaten calamari(squid), alligator, squirrel, rabbit, cow brains (raw), camel and goat.

I have never and would never willingly eat a cockroach, ants or spiders.

If I could try out any job for a day it would be    an archeologist or paleontologist

The thing most people don’t know about me is, that I have ‘acquired savant syndrome’…

and finally…



Thanks for reading about who I am…I’m just me… I hope you enjoy my blog and my writing.

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