My Writing Method

My Writing Method:

As a professional, I am extremely serious about my work. Regardless of the size of the assignment or the size of the company/individual, I pride myself on the delivery of the highest level of writing to the very best of my ability. Unlike many other independent copywriters, I sincerely do have the best interests of my clients in mind, at all times and if my clients don’t succeed then I also cannot succeed. I have a strong reputation and a large client base that I serve, and nothing is more important to me than maintaining my professional reputation and leaving my clients with a great impression of who I am and what I do. How I do it is equally as important to my clients.
Throughout my experiences as a freelance copywriter on various freelance websites I have noticed a trend forming over the years. This trend is non-native English writers being assigned assignments that they simply are unqualified to do. They lack the experience in research (often mistaking that with plagiarism); they lack the ability to form grammatically correct English language content; they lack an all-around comprehension of American and western business etiquette in general (often requesting a change in the terms of agreement regarding the amount or type of work to be processed or requesting an increase in the rate of pay); they lack, or their country lacks, the facilities to provide the simple things required to work and perform as a successful businessperson, such as electricity or a reliable internet connection. To put it simply, freelancers who are currently working in developing countries and whose native language is not English, simply cannot serve your best interests. But I, on the other hand, actually do have the capability and a method to provide you with the very best product in order to accomplish your assignment, successfully.
For every assignment, no matter how large or small, I implement the most professional level of writing techniques, conceivable. The work may take me a bit more time to complete than those who claim to deliver, for example, ten (10) pages daily, but the extra time I spend is what makes my product the very best for your needs. (I do not charge a cent for the extra work involved! It is merely a part of the service I offer and what provides you with the best end product.)When I write, I start with first, learning and researching the topic of choice first- before I even quote a rate! (You read that right… before I even consider working on your assignment, I begin the research- this allows me to offer a fair and reasonable rate, based on my abilities and knowledge of the subject)
My method of writing is completed in the following method:
i.RESEARCH/PLANNING: Before I offer a quote for services, I begin brief research on the topic. Then I continue into deeper research once the project is awarded. My research includes web searches, record searches, news, books, magazines, talking with experts and newspapers, etc. Wherever I feel I can gain a strong comprehension of the subject, I read, ask, discuss!
ii.ANALYSIS/NOTE-TAKING/IDEA FORMING : During my research I keep notes of important facts, statistics, information of further research and interests. Often, I find that my research will lead to other points that require further evaluation and research in order to fully convey the message I am working for.

a: BRAINSTORMING: To give the assignment more of my own ‘uniqueness’ I will go over my notes and simply think on the subject. When I come up with questions I find the answers and add that to my piece. I generally I take this time to apply the “who, what, when, where, why and how” principle to my piece for a more thorough and well-thought out piece.

b: FREE WRITING: When I arrive at the free writing phase of the task, I simply write freely, without considering typing or grammar mistakes. I just write based on my research and the information that I know. I generally just let my writing “flow” here and create a good foundation for the writing process to build on.

iii.WRITING: Now that I have a solid foundation from which to build on, my research is complete and I understand my subject well, I can move into the final writing phase. The bulk of the hardest work is now behind me! To write appropriately and more efficiently, I turn off my phones, turn off Skype, wait until I am alone in my office and create a distraction free environment.
I have developed a personal ‘routine’ for my writing that over the years I have found to work the best for me. First I begin with ensuring that my mind is free from distractions. That involves ensuring that I am up to speed with any other work I may have at the time- then that particular assignment is not running through my mind. Next, I ensure that my working environment is clutter and distraction free. I clean off my desk, clean up my office and make sure that there will be nothing visually distracting. For this purpose, I have set my office with my desk facing a blank wall rather than a window. Then I turn the volume off on my phone and let all calls go to voice mail (including cell calls) Then I close my office door, put out the out of office sign, and sit at my desk with my previous notes and free writing opened on my computer, before me. At this point, I set time limits for myself, typically 30 minute intervals, in which I can be totally, and absolutely interruption and distraction free and my concentration level is high. (Typically in morning hours I write best.) I very rarely settle with the first draft. I often will drop the first copy into my computer recycle bin and start over again. This occurs especially if I’m not content with the direction or the angle in which the piece is heading towards. This routine I take for writing is strictly a personal method that has taken several long years to work out based on what works for my situation and me. Not everyone gives this much importance to writing and not everyone will need to eliminate so many distractions or improvements on concentration.
vii. FURTHER REVISIONS: (if requested)

My work has been published on various websites. Below are just a few of those websites. I invite you to view these websites to see for yourself, the level of work I provide. (currently offline for unknown reasons) (currently offline for unknown reasons)

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