Top Ten careers that will ALWAYS Provide Job Security

Top Ten careers that will ALWAYS Provide Job Security

21 Nov

If you, like millions of others, felt the impact of the recent economic crisis in your current position and have considered changing careers, now is an opportune time to follow your thoughts. Though many have a great job, in a field that they enjoy, earn a competitive income, and are secure enough in their position, many are still feeling the effects of the recession and have considered changing careers.

There are some careers that will always be recession proof and positions that will provide job security-right up until the very end of time. Here are the top ten careers that can provide a lucrative position even in the event of the anticipated “zombie-apocalypse.”

10. Veterinarian– as far as we know there will always be animals. And where there is animals there will be family pets. Family pets will always need appropriate medical care. A carer as a Veterinarian should prove to be recession proof and maybe even “zombie-proof.”

9. Medical doctors– with so many “killer zombies” out to eat everyone, doctors will be in great need! Doctors will be needed for treating any illnesses and injuries for humans around the world. Highly educated and experienced physicians will be among some of those who provide the  greatest needs.Preventing the spread of diseases and other illnesses will be pertinent to ensuring human survival.

8. Nurses– because, let’s face it, who else will the doctors talk with? Nurses are the sidekick to the doctor superhero! Nurses will be in great demand for the same reasons the doctors will be, to provide a service of care that will be in strong demand. Nurses provide a great service to the ill and infirm, the injured and their family members. and without nurses would there really be a medical industry? Nurses provide a service that physicians just can’t. They are strong, clean up after all of us when we’re sick, are compassionate and simply make us all feel better! (they’d probably scare the hell out of the zombies too! BONUS!)

7. Service-men/women– a strong militia will be crucial to the fight for survival, and to ensure peace around the world. Our military will always be our source of freedom and protection. Regardless of the ensuing fate of our species, whether by a global zombie-apocalypse, a second coming, judgement of the creator of choice, a massive third world war, or a pandemic disease -whatever your choice of the end of the world may be- the military will be on the front-lines, facing the unknown, risking their very lives to protect and defend.

6. Police– like the military, police will always have an important place  in the survival of humanity. Police forces will be desperately needed in both urban and rural locations. Police will monitor, respond and protect the human position in the circle of life. (thank your local police department today!)

5.Business owners In reality, even if there really were to come a “zombieapocalypsesomeone somewhere will certainly find a way to turn it into a profitable business venture! There will be commerce and trade regardless of the circumstances. It was the first and it surely will be the last.

4. CPA– With so many new “end-of-time “businesses popping up globally, someone will need to take responsibility for counting the beans. Therefore, I deduce that being an accountant will be a in demand career, that can always survive whatever the future holds for us.

3.Attorneys– along with CPAs , business people will need great attorneys to support their growing new business! Attorneys will be needed to keep the beans secure in the hands of the business owners, and to bring the zombies to justice! Regardless of how unnecessary the human species will become or whatever the fates bring to end us, we will need a good lawyer to call.

2. Fashion designers– because humans will always insist on looking better than everyone and everything else! Even if it’s only ever a fig leaf or a loincloth, humans will always want the very best. (Gucci fur underwear, anyone?)

1. Politicians– maybe not the best choice, but someone has to proceed with negotiations with the zombies, aliens, whatever replaces us on the top of the circle of life. Our leaders are elected into position to represent our needs and help us to achieve our goals as a society. They should be the FIRST to create a plan for survival, meet the demands of the coming invaders, negotiate for a peaceful resolution and protect our liberties and make the laws that will preserve our rights (this hasn’t been achieved on a human to human level, maybe they’ll have better luck with the zombies or aliens, huh?)

So, there you have it, my list of the top ten careers that will always promote job security. Regardless of the next recession or global take-over and invasion. There are several others that will play a crucial role in the survival of human-kind but these are the ten that in my opinion will play the most vital roles in the end of everything.

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