Appropriate Behavior

    3- Appropriate Behavior


Using appropriate behavior is important for so many reasons.
1. Appropriate behavior shows others the kind of person you are.
2. Appropriate behavior shows how our parents are.
3. Appropriate behavior shows the level of education you have.
4. Appropriate behavior shows how much you care about others.
5. Appropriate behavior shows how well behaved and well mannered you are.


Most importantly, behaving appropriately in every social situation (for example: in restaurants, at the library, in a shopping center or market, at home and at school) will create a lasting impression to others about you.

Behaving appropriately will show others that you have good manners and that you are a caring person.





Story: Appropriate Behavior


After Miss Grace had gone, Jacob said to the girls “You called me your friend. After all of the times I have treated you so horribly, why would you say something so nice about me?” Paige answered him “Because, Jacob, you are our friend now. You have shown us the real Jacob and we really did enjoy playing with you. You are so different when you use appropriate behavior. All the other times, in the past, you have been rude and angry and made us feel afraid to be around you. You are a great person, you really should let Jacob come out to play more often and stop being so rude to people.” Jacob replied “You are absolutely right Paige. And I really appreciate your advice and thank you for taking the time to teach me and point out these important things to me. I will definitely reconsider my friendships. My true friends will be like you, encouraging, polite and kind.”

jacob and girls

Zoe, standing nearby, listening to the conversation, interrupted and said “Excuse me, but the rain is starting to fall a little heavier. Would you like to go inside under the walkway and continue our tea party play?” she said speaking to both Paige and Jacob. “Sure, I’d love to, Zoe. Jacob, will you come play with us?” Paige said. Jacob looked around and jokingly said “OK. I will, but only if you will give me another one of those yummy cookies Miss Grace gave to us.”  The children laughed, even Jacob. Paige remarked “It’s good to see you smiling, Jacob. Let’s go before we will all be soaking wet and catch a cold.”

Zoe said “There are things considered to be rude and inappropriate. But, I think it’s more important to learn appropriate behavior in social settings, like in school or on the playground, first. OK?”

Jacob smiled and said “OK. Sounds good to me, I’ll do my best.”
Paige joined in “Jacob, I think it’s important if we get started right away, before your friends have time to change your mind.”

“OK. We can start now, if you girls don’t mind.” Jacob replied.
The girls smiled.
Zoe said “OK Jacob first lets begin by talking about some inappropriate behaviors. Then we can talk about proper and appropriate behaviors. Let’s start with talking about some of the inappropriate behaviors you and your friends have shown in class and on the playground. First, the name calling has got to stop. You don’t realize that when you can’t control your anger how much you hurt people’s feelings by calling them names. Even if you do it as a joke, it still hurts their feelings. And if you want people, especially our classmates, to like you, you need to be considerate of their feelings. And above all, you should show your respect to your parents and to Miss Steel. This means, when they ask you to do something you won’t talk back to them or be rude, in any way, even if you are angry or just don’t feel like doing what they ask. In class you should always listen closely and pay attention to those things Miss Steel is teaching, and don’t interrupt her when she is teaching the lesson. Raise your hand if you have something to say or ask her. At home you should always speak politely to your parents and clean up after yourself.”


The children continued to talk about appropriate behaviors and those that are inappropriate. And the fairy friends continued to watch them. They laughed and played as they talked

“I just can’t believe it” said Rosetta. “Jacob really is a good boy. Who knew? He’s always been so rude and inappropriate, it’s so good to see him playing with the girls and smiling and having a really good time. Everyone is so happy now.”





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