Be Kind to Others

      5- Be Kind to Others


Along with proper courtesy, good manners and doing or saying appropriate things is “kindness.” Kindness should be a part of who you are in everything that you do and it should not only be limited to your friends or other children, but kindness should be given to animals and people of all ages, especially adults. Kindness shows others you have their care and understanding in your thoughts. Manners and etiquette include so many things. You have already read about a few of those things. Magic words, courtesy to others, appropriate behavior, and now you will learn how to show kindness to others. Courtesy is a lot like kindness. The difference is courtesy shows you are polite while kindness shows others that you are a caring person. There are many ways to show kindness to others. Caring about others is always kindness. You need to first learn how to understand what another person is feeling. You can practice empathy (understanding what other people are feeling) by going to a public location with lots of people there. Watch a few people and see if you can understand what they are feeling. You can understand what they are feeling by looking at their face. Then after that, you need to respond to their feelings. Treat the other person how you would want to be treated from others. The main point of kindness is practicing “the golden rule” which says “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.” If you do, you won’t hurt their feelings, including animals, which do certainly have feelings very similar to yours. To learn to be kind to animals, you should visit and meet with as many animals as you can, read from books about animals or pets, and once again, treat animals as you would like to be treated. Would you like it if someone pulled your hair or hurt you or yelled at you? Animals don’t like it either, but they have no voice and can not express their feelings in the same way as you and I can. Because of that, animals could bite you and hurt you if you aren’t kind to it. This is how it protects itself, so, be careful and be kind to everything that has life.

Story: Be Kind to Others

jacob and girls


The next day, in school, Zoe and Paige walked into the classroom and took their seats. Then Jacob came into the classroom and the walked near their desk and said “Good morning girls. How are you?” he was very cheerful. Paige looked over and saw 2 of his friends start laughing, but Jacob did not react. “Good morning Jacob. I am fine. How are you today?”

The fairies were just waking up when the children came outside to stand by the tree. Zanna heard the children first and she woke the fairy friends. “Girls!” she shouted. “Wake up, wake up! The children have come to the playground early today.”

Miss Steel was speaking “Children, as you all can see, we have guests today, visiting us. Please be kind to the animals and their caregivers. I know each of you is excited to meet the animals. You will start at station one- which has the chickens and you will go to each station and meet with the animals. Do not touch them unless a farmer is there and gives permission.  Then you will return here, under the tree and wait until further instructions.”


Jacob saw his friend William, standing at the station where the goats were kept. William was yelling at a small goat and calling it bad names and threatening to hit it with a stick. Jacob said “Excuse me for a moment, ladies. I’ll be right back and we can continue our talk.” Jacob reached the station where William and the goat were at the same time the farmer returned.



The farmer said to William “Just what do you think you are doing with my goat young man?” William remained angry as he said to the farmer, very rudely “He tried to bite me! So, I was stopping him and defending myself!” Jacob was nearby watching the scene take place and he said.


“Excuse me sir” to the farmer. “I think I just need to talk to my friend here for a few minutes. So, please excuse us for one moment” he said, as he put his hand on Williams’ back and directed him a few steps away from the animals. He said to William “Didn’t Miss Steel say to not touch the animals if the farmers were not there to give permission?”

William said, still angry said “What’s wrong with you? You are acting like a complete stranger to me. Are you a girl now?” Jacob remained calm and said “Excuse me. I’m going to meet the other animals with my new friends. If you want to come with us then you are welcome to join us. I’ll see you later buddy. Bye” With that Jacob turned and walked back to Paige and Zoe.


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