2- Courtesy Prologue:
Courtesy means being polite. Being rude is the opposite of courtesy. Courteous is the act of being polite. To be courteous, you need to care about how others feel, when you do something. There are no limits to courtesy. Courtesy should be part of how you behave daily. To be courteous and show that you know courtesy, you only need to practice being polite everywhere you are and with everyone you spend time with, or new people that you meet. One thing to always remember, that can help you to be a more courteous and polite, is called “the golden rule” The golden rule is simple. You just need to think how you would feel if another person said or did the same thing to you.”Treat others the way that you would like to be treated” Remember this ‘golden rule’ and you can always be a polite and kind person. Others will see that you have courtesy and they will like you more and more. You are a great person- all people are great, in their own way, but a person who understands courtesy is polite and kind.

                   Story: Courtesy to Others
Paige and Zoe were going to the school playground to have a tea-party with their baby dolls. But, when they saw 3 older boys riding their skateboards along the sidewalk of the school, they started to feel nervous.

At that moment, Nissa the magic fairy was flying nearby, she stopped to watch the children play.

Paige said “My, it sure is hot today” Zoe giggled as the pretending had already begun, then she said “yes, but they are saying some heavy rain is coming this afternoon, so that will be refreshing.” Paige said “Do you mind if I pour some tea and biscuits for Beth (her dolls’ name)” “Not at all.” replied Zoe. ”Help yourself.” Suddenly, the 3 older boys saw the girls playing and laughing so one of the boys, Jacob, yelled at the girls “Why don’t you just go away and play that silly pretend game at home?”

Seeing this behavior worried Nissa, She was afraid that Jacob or one of the other boys might hurt the girls.

So she quickly flew to the treetop home of the magical fairies and called to Zanna and Rosetta. “Girls! Come quick! We need to help Zoey and Paige fast because Jacob and his rude friends are teasing them.” Zanna and Rosetta followed her down to a little flower and they all sat and listened and watched as Jacob and his friends were growing angrier because Zoey and Paige continued their tea party with their baby dolls and ignored the boys. Jacob threw his skateboard on the ground and began walking towards the girls, screaming at them “This is our playground today! I said GO HOME with your play dolls and your pretend teacups! Did you hear me?” “Oh no!” Nissa cried “We need to help Zoey and Paige. Jacob will surely hurt them soon!” The three fairies all huddled together and whispered to each other about what they should do, then they looked up to see if anyone else was nearby. “No one is around, so we should act fast” Rosetta said. So they had all agreed what they needed to do. Jacob was still walking in the girls’ direction. The three magical fairies put their plan into action. They all held hands and said their magic words to bring their spell to life. “Please…bring Miss Grace, the polite dragon to teach this boy a lesson in courtesy that he can never forget again.”


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