Introduction of characters


The fairies:

Zanna-the eldest of three fairy friends who guards and protects the school children and often uses magic to introduce manners and courtesy to the young children. She is named after a Lily flower

Rosetta– the second of the three fairy friends who guards and protects the school children and often uses magic to introduce manners and courtesy to the young children.. She is named for a small rose flower because she is the smallest of the three fairies.

Nissa– the third fairy friend who guards and protects the school children and often uses magic to introduce manners and courtesy to the young children. Her name means “friendly fairy”

The school children:
a young student. Paige is 8 years old, very polite and well-mannered.

Zoey- best friend of Paige. Zoey is also 8 years of age and very polite and well mannered. Paige and Zoey play together everyday make believe games, such as tea parties, with their baby dolls and teddy bears. These types of games allow both girls to ‘practice’ their manners and courtesy.

Jacob- Jacob is a 9 year old boy who is very rude and impolite. He has not yet learned of what courtesy or manners are. But when he begins to learn and show his polite side the two girls Paige and Zoey often spend time with him in the playground. He becomes their friend and starts to learn more about manners by playing make-believe games with the girls.

William– Jacobs’ best-friend

Angel– new girl at the school. She becomes good friends of Zoey and Paige and Jacob.

 King Si (shee)– ruler of Magic Island.

Queen Maya-
Ruler of the sea.

School Teacher:
Miss Steel-
Miss Steel is the teacher of Paige, Zoey and Jacob. She is very patient and kind. Miss Steel makes it her responsibility to encourage her students to use good manners and etiquette.

School Principal:
Mr. King-
Mr. King is the school principal. He is sometimes very strict with the students, but this is so that they won’t forget to use good manners. He is, like Miss Steel, very patient and kind, until a student misbehaves.

Other characters:
Miss Tanis Grace
– a very young and friendly winged-dragon. Miss Tanis Grace travels from Magic Island. (Which is on earth, but no one knows where it is. She mentions that it is very far from the school) Miss Tanis Grace flies from school to school to teach children courtesy when no adults are nearby. She can become invisible whenever an adult comes near and is only visible to children.

Mrs. Christine Alexis Mother of Angel, Mrs. Alexis loves to entertain Angel’s classmates and friends and often invites them over for the day or to stay overnight at her house when school is off. Mrs. Alexis is very friendly and all of the children respect and admire her.

Story Setting:
The children of a small school are playing at the school playground, and sometimes they are in their classroom. In the very center of the playground is a large 100 year old tree. Living in the treetop is 3 magic fairies. These fairies enjoy observing the children when they are playing and are most happy when the children are polite and use good manners. But when they don’t the fairies can use their magic to create situations which encourage good behavior and manners. However, the fairies magic is limited as they are all young fairies, and sometimes they need the help of other mythical creatures to help teach the children in the way of good manners and appropriate behaviors. One of these creatures is Miss Grace. She is a young winged dragon whose magic powers are stronger than the fairies. The fairies and other mythical creatures all lived on Magic Island, but now the fairies have made their home in the treetop of the playground. No one knows that Magic Island even exists. It is an invisible Island and not on any maps, but it is said to be far far away from the school. Magic Island is a beautiful place, with waterfalls, many types of flowers and many different mythical creatures. Magic Island is ruled by the fairy King Si (shee) The sea is under the control of Queen Maya.


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