Magic Words


Having manners is the first step to liking yourself as well as, making others like and respect you for your good behavior. Using good manners is important for showing others that you are thoughtful and understand how they feel.  One way of showing that you have good manners is by always using magic words. Some good magic words to use everyday are:

Thank you
Excuse me
Good morning
Good afternoon
I love you
You’re welcome
I’m sorry
and more words…


These are simple words that you can use everyday, and if you practice saying them, soon it will become a habit to say them, without even having to think about it.


If you practice using magic words with people that you know and see everyday, such as your teachers and parents and friends, then you will begin using the magic words with others, too.

 magic words header

One day on their way to the magic fairies meeting, at Magic Island, three little fairies (Rosetta, Nissa and Zanna) were flying, invisibly, through a children’s’ playground. Children below were playing on swings, a slide, playing soccer and other games.  The children sounded so happy. Then suddenly, they heard a boy’s voice so loud that they stopped and turned to see who this very loud boy was.


There,in the soccer, field was a very angry little boy; the fairies flew closer to find out why he was so angry. His name was Jacob. Jacob was angry because another soccer player had taken the ball from him. He was calling him such horrible bad names, and screaming at him “Give me back the ball! Give it to me or you will regret that!!”


Then, nearby they heard a little girls’ shocking scream on the opposite side of the soccer field. They flew over to her and saw her crying. Another little girl asked her “Why are you crying Paige?” Paige said “Zoe took my baby doll and ran away with it. We were pretending to have a tea party with our dollies and Zoe suddenly got angry and said she didn’t like this bear and she ran away fast with my favorite dolly.” Paige said sadly.  “Oh my word” said Nissa. ”Those children need a good lesson on manners”, then, “Ladies are you thinking what I’m thinking?” remarked Rosetta.” “Well, a little magic won’t hurt and no one has to know. We can just help these young children out a little with their manners skills and that will help them to grow into responsible adults.” said Zanna. So, they all agreed about what they should do.


So the three fairies three flew down to the playground. No one can see fairies because they are very very small and they have the power to be invisible, if they want and they cast a magic spell that put magic words in these children’s’ minds, so that they could never forget to use them again.


The next day the fairies came again and watched as the children played. “May I please have the ball? Jacob said to his fellow soccer player. “Sure, man. Here you go.” said his teammate. “Thank you” Jacob said.


“Well” said Zanna “it looks like Jacob and his magic words are working well together now. Now let’s go check on Paige.” Zanna said excitedly. Quickly the three fairies flew to the other side of the soccer field.


There sat Paige and her friend, Zoe and both had their baby dolls and were having a pretend tea party. Zoe said to Paige “I’m sorry I was so mean to you yesterday. It was wrong for me to run away with your doll.”
“It’s OK Zoe. I was sad then, but I’m happy that we are still friends. Now can you pass me the sugar please?” Paige answered.
“Yes, sure. Here it is” said Zoe, giving the sugar to Paige.
Thank you very much Zoe.” Said Paige
you’re welcome” replied Zoe.
tea party

With magic words shining around the playground, Nissa said “Well, ladies, looks like we have done well here, teaching these children with magic words, shall we continue to the magic fairies meeting now?”

They all giggled and said “We’re late now, so we should go fast” So they all flew as fast as their little fairy wings could carry them. And the children of the playground were polite and used their new ‘magic words” everyday.


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