What NOT to do

      4- What NOT to do


There are certain behaviors that are considered to be inappropriate and unacceptable in social and public situations. These behaviors are rude and will give people the impression that you are an impolite person and it will also make them think that your parents didn’t teach you well or teach you at all. If you want to make new friends, you will need to learn and practice appropriate manners and behaviors. Some things that you should not do are:

Unacceptable behavior: Calling names to other children, even when you are only joking.  
Acceptable behavior:“Treat others as you want to be treated.”

Unacceptable behavior: Picking your nose
Acceptable behavior: Excuse yourself and  go to the bathroom and use tissue to blow your nose.

Unacceptable behavior:
At home or another s home do not make an unnecessary mess.
Acceptable behavior:Clean up after yourself

Unacceptable behavior:
Pushing when you are waiting in line or being impatient.
Acceptable behavior:Wait your turn, patiently.

These are only a few of the acceptable things that are thought to be polite behavior to do or not do. These things will show people you respect them and are polite and kind and it will make people want to spend more time with you, which is very helpful when you are making new friends, if they will want to be your friend and spend time with you.

Story: What Not to Say or Do

The three fairies continued to watch the children talking and playing. Zoe and Paige were so patient with teaching Jacob. And Jacob seemed to really enjoy spending time with the girls, and Jacob seemed to honestly want to be a better person, more polite and courteous.

They were laughing and having fun as they were teaching Jacob some of the things that are acceptable behaviors in public and social situations. It was a serious topic, but they were teaching him with fun and games and lots of laughter.  When they were drinking tea and Jacob burped very loudly, the way that he always had done with his boy friends.

Paige and Zoe both giggled, and Paige said “Well Jacob, I guess we have really got a lot to teach you! You can’t just burp like that and then sit there and pretend it didn’t happen.” She laughed, and then she said in a more serious tone “Let me teach you what you do instead so that next time you can use a more acceptable behavior OK?” Jacob said “OK.” And he listened closely to Paige.  Paige instructed Jacob in the proper method to handling a burp in public or social situations, appropriately “When you feel a burp coming up, first try to leave the situation and separate yourself from others, just by going to another room or a few steps away, far enough that no one will hear you burping. If you can’t break free from the situation for some reason then just cover your mouth with your closed hand and close your mouth, and try hard make the burp as quiet as you can. Then after you burp you should always say “excuse me” even if it was not a loud burp or no one heard you.”

“Like this?” he said, as he closed his hand into a fist and placed his hand near his mouth, closed his mouth and let out a smalls silent burp. Both Zoe and Paige laughed loudly and Paige said “Yes. Exactly like that. But you need to say “excuse me” afterwards and you really don’t need to practice with actual burping, please.” She said with a giggle.

“You should also treat passing gas the very same way.” said Zoe. “Leave the room, separate yourself by saying “excuse me” and then go to another room or another area. and then say “excuse me”, but please don’t practice this one with us” she said as both she and Paige fell on the ground laughing very hard.
Jacob, with a red face, also laughed and said “OK. This one, I will practice on my own then”

The children had already spent half of the day playing and learning and having fun with it. But Jacob was learning and practicing and working very hard to learn everything he could about manners and appropriate behaviors. They continued to laugh and have fun, with the practice until that afternoon. In the afternoon Paige said “On no! It’s so late and I have to go home now before I’m late, my mom will be so upset if I’m late”
“Oh, OK, I should be going too or my mom will be upset too.” Zoe said.

“Thank you Paige and Zoe. I’m feeling we are going to become very good friends. Can we practice some more tomorrow?” Jacob said.

“Sure. We will see you in class tomorrow and then we can practice more during recess time and after school too, if you want” Zoe answered.

Have a Good evening Jacob. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodbye.” Zoe also said.
“Goodnight my new friends” Jacob replied.

The three fairies had a long day watching the children all day so after the children had gone, they flew back to their treetop home and rested there. They couldn’t wait until to tomorrow to see how Jacob would behave.


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