Top Ten Most Powerful Global Leaders

Top Ten Most Powerful Global Leaders

19 Nov 2013

In my childhood, I always loved books. Reading was an escape for me, into another reality. I was a princess, a Hollywood actress, a politician. I could be who I wanted to be, I could imagine myself in another time and place.  I read everything I could; my favorite books were of Anne Frank and Helen Keller, which I read dozens of times each. I read everything that had words- I even read shampoo bottle labels out loud in a bath as a child, pretending to be in a commercial for the product!

Back in the early 1970’s, we didn’t have “Harry Potter” or “Edward Cullen” to read. No. We read “true life” books- novels even at a young age. There was no I-pad or pod, no Xbox, no text messaging… We had a notepad, peapods and a cardboard box and if we wanted to talk to our friends, we had to actually get up off the couch, walk to their house and tell them what we had to say- OR we could call them on a telephone that had a rotary dial and a 6 foot coiled cord connected. It was exhausting by todays’ standards! And when I was growing up, my grandfather always said “Honey in my day, we walked 5 miles to school, barefoot, in the snow, uphill!” I would always laugh; I couldn’t even imagine such a thing! As I am older now I am the one with the “In my day” stories and its hilarious to see the reactions when I tell my young relatives of how complicated my life was in my childhood.

But as I grow older, I realize more and more how complicated life has actually become. I can recall sitting awake after my bedtime only on election night with my grandparents and my parents, watching the elections and always hoping that the republican candidate won, though I was too young to know why. From a very young age, I was encouraged to at the very least show some form of an interest n politics. Eventually, that “interest” would grow and become a real interest.

So, I continued to grow my mind through the various books I read, through my family’s encouragement (more like strictness on the importance of books. Books were sacred in my family. Never to be destroyed or damaged in any way. They were read with caution and carefulness.  And they were to be respected, by all means…

My grandfather, you know the one who walked barefoot, uphill, in the snow (IN FLORIDA, NO LESS!) 5 miles every day- one way? Yes, my grandfather lived to be 98.5 years of age, sadly, granddad passed away in 2008. However, he left behind a legacy he may have never been aware of. The importance of literacy. Granddad never watched TV (the one (1) channel that we got, with rabbit-ear antennae!) He would watch the evening news at 6:00 but the rest of the day he would sit in “his” chair and read the newspaper or old books or sometimes go out in the yard and do whatever he did out there.

Before he died, he wrote a book. “The Good Ol Days that Weren’t” It wasn’t a best-seller and he didn’t become rich from writing it. It was merely an “After I’m gone” book for his family to read and remember. He wrote the book in a way that was as if he was speaking directly to us. “So you see kids..” was his opening line in nearly every paragraph. In the book, he spoke of things that are long gone now, but are a great piece of history, (living through the great depression, World War II, growing up on the farm, marrying my grandmother, etc.) [I hope to copy this book to my website for all to read and enjoy- one day]

As a result, I would like to believe that I get my strict work ethics from my father and my writing skills from my grandfather.  All grown up now, I am a strong follower of global politics. Not sure why, but I just need to know what is happening in the world- outside of this city, outside of this house, outside of myself… it’s like a hunger…I must feed it… I must know!

So, today, my curiosity led me to create a “top ten list”.  I wanted to discover who the world considers the top ten most powerful politicians, globally.   Here are the results of my search:

10. Bashar Al-Assad  (President of Syria)

9. Hassan Rouhani (President of Iran)

8. Jacob Zuma (President of South Africa)

7. Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany)

6. Tayyip Erdogan (Prime Minister of Turkey)

5. Kim Jong Un (Supreme leader of North Korea)

4. Hillary Clinton (American Politician and diplomat)

3. Imran Khan (Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf political party)

2. Barack Obama (first ever African American President of the United States)

1. Xi Jinping (President of the People Republic of China) tied with Vladimir Putin(President of Russia)

                            Biography Source(s) ©

So, my search resulted in understanding of a few things. #1- America no longer dominates the globe. Good or bad, and for whatever reason (because we all of our own opinions.) it is what it is. And what it is is a power-shift. With China and Russia being allies and the  top two global leaders, they have the numbers, the products, the military, they have it all. AND, they are allies, also, with  Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, South Africa, Iran and Syria- the complete top ten global leaders all on the “same side”!  Personally, I see it as a game of chess, the players all lined up, perfectly positioned. I also have my opinion that Hilary Clinton got the “sympathy” vote for the list and Obama only made the cut because the list was designed by die-hard, patriotic, taking mama to the ball game and eatin’ apple pie Americans who were too weak to call it like it really is.  But that’s just my opinion. And you will understand why I have formed this opinion after I write and put up the individual bios on here as soon as I can. Until then… bookmark my site, come back often and God bless you……

–Tami Gilford


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