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The field and academic concepts of Statistics, forms the foundation for such modern day subjects as Computer Sciences, which is a subject bringing in a revolution in the way humanity is living in the present day and age. Considering that the subject and theories of Statistics is a highly technical and specialized field of study, it is but very natural that a normal high school student could be requiring help with statistics homework at times. Thanks to the dedicated and selfless efforts of most teachers, the majority of students are able to cope up with the just the teaching provided in the classroom alone, but at times a student may perceive himself falling back academically and may need some individual guidance to fulfill this gap.


Granted that there are multiple and numerous resources available to help out any student in academic distress, but the fact remains that there is still no replacement for the human touch and element in coaching students with their studies. Indeed, there are numerous internet sites, on-line resources etc., all advertising their services through multiple forums, and yet there still exists the market for after school free-lance academic tutors, offering their services and expertise, even if for a small and token fee in return.


While perhaps, there may be indeed be a few detractors of young people trying to profit from the academic difficulties and challenges of high schools students, and indeed the arguments put forward may have it’s undeniable merits, there is also an upside to the debate. Normally, as a rule of thumb, most of these free-lance student tutors are themselves students, albeit at a higher grade, for example in university. So, for such a senior, coaching their younger compatriots is indeed something positive, since besides giving the senior an opportunity to earn some genuine recompense for his or her efforts in explaining the theory and concept of the academic issue to the younger generation, such an exercise also goes to consolidate the concepts of the senior, and enables him or her to further retain and memorize the theory of whatever he or she is teaching.


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