MDI Services 2005

MDI Services

Some Basic Services we offer…

Web Design, Development
Computer Technician, Upgrades & Repair
System Administration – Server Setup, Repair, Maintenance & Configuration, Backup Systems
Application Development  HTML, ASP,, VB,, Access DB, SQL Server, .Net, xml
Operating Systems, Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinME, WinXP
Technical Support, Help Desk, Phone & Email Support, Spyware Removal, Virus Protection
Database Design, Administration, Interfaces. Data Loading, Web or Desktop
Graphics Design, Flyers,brochures, Logos &  Web graphics
Software Installation, Configuration, Troubleshoot and Support


Telecommute means all the work is performed and completed offsite from our offices here via the internet. Via Telecommute the type of work performed would usually be Web Design, Web Development, Programming, Graphics Design, Email and Phone Tech support, Remote Administration and more is also available via telecommute.

Benefits of hiring our  telecommute contractors:

The benefits of hiring someone via telecommute can save you Money! Although you will receive the same (or better) quality of work your company, large or small, would not have to supply an office and equipment to the Employee / Contractor and there is no provision for health, dental & other insurance or expenses. There are no travel time charges either. Think of the expense and time involved in interviewing and then hiring and training an individual. You have already spent thousands by the time the new employee starts work the first day! You may not even need a full-time employee so hiring a teleworking professional can save you time and money.


Ecommerce, Shopping Cart systems, Store fronts.
You might be a company that has a shop on a street someplace that is doing rather well but you are limited to that one area and the people that happen to know about you or drive by and stop in. How about if you could sell to the entire world? That is what eCommerce can accomplish for you. You would now have a storefront with customers from around the world. The beauty of this is that you can be asleep and be making money! People can purchase items in the middle of the night and have it charged to their credit card and the money in your bank account while you’re not even awake. No sales employees to hire. The website will handle it all. Just think of all the money you could be making around the clock with a store on the Internet. Why just sell to your area when you can sell to any place in the world.

Electronic filing systems
Take your paper filing system and store it in a database that can be updated via a web browser. You can do this remotely or within your company. Add new files via forms in a web browser. Edit, Update or Delete files via web browser in house or from home. Instead of a huge file cabinet full of papers to send your secretary though each time you need something now you can open your web browser from home or on the go and get at the information at your convenience. You can also present the data in any format you like. This is useful for printing reports or records which with this system in place can be done on the road or at home as well as the office.

Company Intranets & Extranets & custom designed company private messaging programs

Have all the files and things needed available at your employee’s desktops. Share files and be organized with everyone on the same page using the same system. And Intranet is an IN-House website which is only accessible by employees of the company.  You can work on things you need to at home when the intranet is setup a Secure Extranet as well. You can upload files from home that you have been working on to the people that need them. By putting things in on Intranet/Extranet it keeps things tidy and accessible to your employees and saves the time of trying to find something and who has it. It also helps to be able to work via a remote location with the same abilities as a person in the office. There is much more you can do with an Intranet / Extranet but it is to much to list here. Just call or email  us to discuss your ideas more.

Technical Support / Help Desk / Email Support

This can be done on a per incident basis or on a contract. When you have problems, call or email us. We have a secure and private messaging system that we can provide to your company for a small user fee or we can provided telephone technical support for a minimal fee with unlimited phone support time. This saves you the money of hiring someone full time to sit and answer a phone. Just pay for the time you actually need the person! Have people that work on a Saturday from home or on the road but the IT people you have work Monday through Friday? Well outsource your tech support to us and have help available when you need it. Why pay a person to sit around 8 hours a day when you just need about 15 minutes on the phone to fix the problem?

Content writing:

MDI is your number one source for web content writing

our web writers work with your designers to make your project(s) attractive and flawless and successful for your needs. No cost to you for our content writing services
plus Skilled web writer working for you within days(upon contract for web design project)

Our web content writers know how to:

Create an effective site by teaming up with designers and content managers
Proofread and edit for accuracy and functionality
Assist in upkeep and renewal of your site through turnover documentation
Continue to work with you, your designer and content manager on a long-term contract basis when necessary.
Develop secondary content, including copy for links, email inquiries, email marketing, newsletters, auto responders, banner ads, storefronts, cross promotions, contact info, help files and user directions  when required.



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