Professional Letter Writing

Professional Letter Writing Service

Letter writing is an art! So, indeed, just like it gladdens the heart to be the recipient of something exquisite and beautiful, receiving letters is always a reason of anticipation and expectation for almost everyone – irrespective of caste, color, looks, age or creed. However, can the same be said if someone is asked to be the one to write the letter to be sent out in circulation? Probably not.


For most of us, writing a letter is a task we not exactly look forward to. Perhaps, for someone in daily and continuous communication with far and distant colleagues through the ‘conversational’ business letters, now mostly in the form of electronic mail, it may be perhaps not so much of a bore penciling in a few short lines to the recipient. But, having to write a long introductory letter, perhaps to a relative one has not exactly been in touch with for quite a while, is something which may make even the most communicative amongst us cringe.


Perhaps, something similar to writing to someone we have not been in touch with back since we can ever remember, is writing to someone when we are applying for a job. Here, just sending in one’s resume by e-mail, post, courier just doesn’t seem right, unless we also include an introductory cover, introducing ourselves, the reason for sending the unsolicited mail with our resume in it.


This situation then calls for the need of a cover letter which is something we are writing to someone we have probably never been in contact with. Herein probably lies the dilemma in cover letter writing, i.e. knowing what to include or exclude, write something crisp, clear and concise which should motivate the reader to complete reading the entire letter, and then seamlessly move on to the resume we are enclosing. More often than not, people either write too little, or then too much in these cover letters, which in the majority of cases are then viewed by the recipient as just fulfilling a formality. However, ideally the cover letter should be something providing a complete profile of the applicant – providing as complete a picture of the applicant as possible before the resume is opened for specific details relating to the applicant.


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