Why hire Tami?

Why hire Tami?

   What you NEED:
~You NEED a reliable, devoted, confident and most importantly a talented copywriter.
~ You NEED to outsource your assignments/tasks to save time or to accomplish something that you, yourself, can not do. That person should be less expensive but just as talented as in-house personnel.
` You NEED someone who can communicate any questions, issues, and who can follow instructions to the letter, o as not to waste more of your valuable time.

What you really WANT:
~ You really WANT someone who can work at low rates.
~ You want someone with exceptional English writing skills (if required for your assignment)
~ You WANT to simply give the instructions to the provider you select, wait a few days, receive the work, flawlessly and without stress or worry.  In essence, you want your provider to provide a smooth freelance experience, no arguing, no changes prices, no poor quality work delivered. Just assign the work and receive finely polished final pieces, ready for use with no delays.


~accurate above average English writing skills- written in a way to ‘direct’ the reader into action (read more, buy, click,view, etc.)
~grammatically correct content, meticulously designed, specifically for your project needs, with absolutely NO spinning, NO rewording and NO rewriting- simply unique content written for you~
-expert editing and 3rd party proofreading. AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES TO YOU! I employ a precision focused, American by birth, proofreader, at my own expense. This is a FREE SERVICE that I offer to ensure finely polished content, to all of my clients, regardless of company size or individual.
~ I offer UNLIMITED REVISIONS for content delivered with errors that occurred on my behalf.
-I offer 50% off of my original rates, for revisions that require complete rewriting, if I am not at fault for the need to rewrite the content.
-I provide all necessary research as a FREE SERVICE to all of my clients, when research is necessary for accuracy.
and finally…
`I am an American by birth, temporarily situated offshore (Asia) the benefit to my clients, or potential clients, is tremendous. I will save you both time and more valuable- money, simply by providing above average communication with outstanding English writing comprehension and skills.When the project requirements are communicated to me, you will get exactly what you expect- the first time around, with no issues or excuses.

In my experience as an independent copywriter communication is the leading cause of failure, delays and unnecessary waste of money.
Take this scenario as an example;
Buyers/clients hire a non-native English speaker/writer assuming they can save money (as many people from all over the globe call themselves “copywriters” simply based on the fact that they attended an English class, or two!)
The foreign “copywriter” says he/she understands the project requirement, but fails to understand or overlook a simple step of the instructions presented to them.
The buyer then receives shabby, low quality work, pays the contractor in accordance with the freelance website agreements.But then the client is stuck with poor work that he/she couldn’t possibly use and proceeds to hire another contractor to  completely rewrite the content OR fix the work of the first contractor.
As a result, rather than ‘saving’ money, the buyer has now wasted MORE hard earned money AND what? 1-2 weeks average of his/her valuable time;their greatest asset.

I accurately comprehend and follow ALL instructions and deliver QUALITY writing services with a focus on the deadline. No need to pay another freelancer to “fix” my work; no need to lose so much precious time.

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