One year of peace…

I have decided that during my “Writing for Peace Campaign 2014” I should include inspiration for everyone to follow. As a result of this thought, I will be posting daily inspirational quotes everyday for the next 300 days, God willing.
I will also be offering a 100% FREE peace e-book (which is currently under development) at the end of the 300 days of peace to anyone who wants it! This eBook is intended to be packed with information about how to develop ‘Peace in yourself’; ‘Peace in your family’; Peace in your community’ and finally World Peace’.
I also intend to create a storybook “Peace for Children: Raise Up Your Child in the Way That They Should Go and When They are Older, They Will Not Depart From It” This children’s storybook will not be based on one specific religion or school of thought but rather as a guide for children to reach a certain level of humanity for all!

Keep checking for daily inspiration, the eBooks and tons of other valuable and spirit lifting information!
Peace to you all;

~~Tami Gilford



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